Some see parallels between the Nunnehi Family of the Nümüzho’ho and the Negoogunogumbar, a fearsome race of faerie giants. The Negoogunogumbar are native to Central Africa especially, and the Bambuti people tell of these giants. Their strength and terrifying natures were well earned, for they also had a terrible hunger for the flesh of mankind. Legends suggested they feasted only on children, but that was an old wives’ tale told to youngsters to keep them in line.

No, when a Negoogunogumbar surrendered to his hunger, it didn’t matter what the victim’s age was. Like the Hai-uri and Tikoloshe, the Negoogunogumbar were avid adherents to the idea that humanity needed to be frightened back into line. They tackled the problem of doubt and abandon with zest and fury. Alas, such violence drove people away from the old ways as much as it kept them in line. So many Negoogunogumbar learned to temper their ways with greater control, employing their own legends to frighten. They didn’t always have to gnaw on a victim’s arm to get the point across.

Of course, that old hunger still lingers and alienates them from the very people they are sworn to guide and protect. Some Negoogunogumbar grow bitter, but others seek to better control themselves. They become stoic giants of well-controlled fury, ready to unleash on intruders and traitors to their own cultures. Only time will tell if the Negoogunogumbar adapted enough to how life has changed in Africa.


First and foremost, Negoogunogumbar are big. In both fae mien and mortal Seemings, they are imposing giants that rise at least eight feet tall. Most easily dwarf Trolls in general breadth and musculature. A Negoogunogumbar’s true appearance includes black skin (instead of brown) and blood-red eyes. Their teeth appear to be filed to points and their breath is often horrid. They frequently apply extreme body piercings, such as a thick bone through the chin or nose. Negoogunogumbar remain one of the most intimidating creatures in Africa.


  • Omode are the biggest bullies around, and enjoy starting fights or bets to prove they’re the strongest. Most Omode take pains to conceal their hunger, which they often lose control to when they’re still young and undisciplined.
  • Eniyan are the warriors royale of the Emere. They are both the terror and martial strong-arms of the African fae, and most spend their days striving to stay at the top. Constant training and fighting are hallmarks of these Negoogunogumbar.
  • Alagba know they’re the strongest and scariest folk around. They consider themselves lions, or above lions, and make occasional examples of their followers to prove it.


Most Negoogunogumbar lean toward careers as soldiers or militiamen. Considering Africa’s constant volatile environment, such changelings are rarely out of work and have excuses to fight against cultural intrusion. Negoogunogumbar as a rule avoid genocidal campaigns, since they are definitely counterproductive and Banal in the extreme. A few Negoogunogumbar have instead been lured into service as bodyguards or even underground boxers/wrestlers.

Affinity: Actor

Spirit Wrath: A Negoogunogumbar gains a –1 difficulty to summon the Spirit Wrath whenever the superiority of her physical strength is put in doubt.


  • Devil in the Night -- The mere appearance of a Negoogunogumbar is terrifying. Anyone able to view the character’s true fae mien must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) or immediately flee in terror. A terrified character is still otherwise in complete self-control, she is just going to make all effort to leave the giant’s presence post-haste. Other Negoogunogumbar are immune to this Birthright.
  • Powerhouse -- A Negoogunogumbar gets 2 extra dots of Strength at character creation even if it takes the score over 5. This bonus only applies in the fae form.


  • Hunger of Hell -- Negoogunogumbar answer to a dark legacy of cannibal hunger. After any kind of physical exertion – working labor, combat, sports, running, and so forth – the character must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 7). Failure causes him to immediately sink into exophagic abandon, attacking and consuming at least one Health Level worth of raw flesh from a human victim. If the Negoogunogumbar cannot find a victim by the end of the scene, the urge passes.

Quote: “I am the devil, little man. Bow to me now or suffer beyond your wildest nightmares!”


    Buru Tichaona’s bass chortle best expresses his opinions, but words still follow.
  • Aziza -- Teach them whatever you want. It won’t change who is mightier.
  • Ekwu -- Relax. I don’t want to raid your cupboards. Just the cradle.
  • Hai-uri -- Sit down before you fall down.
  • Neiterkob -- I’m out of line? Don’t make me laugh!
  • Tikoloshe -- They’re the shock troops, we’re the commandos.
  • Kithain -- If conquest is proof of strength, then they are strong. Yet it is funny how even the biggest of them are so easily squashed.